Chairman Message

pdg-photoOver the past decade, you trust us and we strive every day to earn your trust through our ongoing commitment insurer at your service and our commitment to satisfy you whatever the difficulties of the moment.

MAD is in a dynamic growth and remarkable development, create value for its employees, customers and shareholders, while keeping abreast of technological and economic changes and displays his immense desire to improve and further optimize work processes in accordance with the standards of modern management.
In the current context of competitiveness and economic revolutions, the interest to provide added value in terms of distribution remains undoubtedly an absolute necessity for MAD’s employees .
The advent of technology and its impact on new trends, cultures and working methods including process automation, data virtualization and mass communication, and resulting vectors as revolutionary in trade, distribution and the Access to information is more than ever essential parameters to the area that we look and are strong beautiful way sellers concepts for companies.
That is what we will continue to promote the brand image of our company MAD doing
our website a tool and an effective way to communicate in carrying and delivering messages related to aspects: performance cultures Company , strategic vision and shared values of the company.
This site is an excellent way to better communicate to our partners and customers, who, every day, Communicate to promote the brand and its great achievements.
It is in this framework that our Company is committed to the large-scale actions are:
  • Develop and consolidate the Company in its fields of competence
  • Improve its revenue,
  • Raising performance and results through the reduction of costs and improved capacity utilization.
  • The implementation of the Integrated Management System Preserving the environment, health and safety of our workers.
  • The management of all these actions allows us to identify with our values through:
  • The Orientation and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Quality / Reliability / Safety / Environment.
  • The Teamwork / Initiative / Responsibility.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Innovation and Progress.
  • Solidarity / Citizenship.